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Internet down, I repeat, Internet Down

I don’t know about you, but when my internet starts to get slow, I get a  paralyzing fear inside. The thought of not having internet for even an hour, gets me anxious.

The net, has barely died out on me. But I remember during Tornado season, we had a few warnings and all I could think about was losing my internet. I’m not sure whether I should remember that and laugh or totally rethink my priorities.

Everything I do involves my computer and everything on my computer uses the internet somehow. Have you ever thought about what would happen if the world’s internet just shut down? I know it’s not completely possible, but if it did happen–nothing could survive. Everything we so sues technology. Whether its shopping online, reading the news, blogging, “facebooking” or even using Twitter. Many organizations also use a network to interact with one another and share documents. Many paper based businesses have turned to technology for a greener friendly solution. If the net was ever to go out, everyone would have to stop whatever they were doing and go “old school”.

That’s right. Paper and pencil my friends! Or pen. Can you imagine having a huge filing cabinet with thousands upon thousands of documents? Now think about how long it would take you to find a single document among that huge pile.

Our dependence on technology and the internet is scary. People say that it is our back-up to the paper ‘stuff’. Yet, all the updates are being done on the computer and paper documents begin to fall behind. Hell, even doctor are now using computers and networks to share documents, interact, book or shift appointments and set reminders.

With tools like tablet PCs, even grocery lists are being stored electronically.

In my previous post, I wrote about freaking out over my dying laptop. Come to think of it, if I didn’t have an extra laptop, my temper would’ve shot up and I would’ve been at a loss. I wouldn’t have known what to do or where to begin. And that alone is a terrifying revelation. In the earlier days people use to rely on other things, but today, it’s on our technological gadgets and the networks that we can access.


Mia the Wonder Cat

Yes, my cat has landed in one of my posts.  I have had my cats for a while now and I haven’t been happier. They have habits that really bother me but then they give me the “puss in boots” face and I can’t help but smile.

Mia’s favorite spot to lay and nap is in a shelf, by my desk where I work. She’ll randomly walk over and sit on my books asking for attention knowing full well I’d give it to her. On the other hand, her brother Tristan, is more independent, but will cuddle in my lap for some loving.

Yesterday, Mia took a whole new step in her wanting attention from me. While I was studying hard for a Spanish quiz, Mia began to swat at my fingers and everytime I’d look at her, she’d wag her tail inside her little shelf. Well, somehow, out of nowhere, I hear a crash and Mia ends up on her back with her arms and legs sticking up. She was staring at me just as confused as I was.

She had no idea what had just happened and I didn’t have a clue. I tried to investigate but I laughed so hard tears were rolling down my eyes.

Tristan, who was laying on the couch, stood up to see what the commotion was about. He gave Mia his usual “You’re so stupid” look. Mia, just got up and sat in her shelf again, her pride intact.

Though my cats drive me crazy with their constant bickering and occasional rule breaking, I can’t help but fall in love with their affectionate, playful side. The little incidents such as Mia’s cartwheel just adds humor to my day.

Hey at least this way I don’t have to laugh at my own jokes. I just laugh at my cats!

Laptop Fart

No, I don’t mean my laptop passed gas. I mean it gave me the blue screen of death! Don’t we all just love it. You wake up in the morning, make yourself a cup of strong coffee, sit at your desk to do some work and then your laptop gives you the blue screen of death.

The fact that I’m even blogging on my laptop right now is a miracle. Although I have to mute the sounds to stop its constant beeping. Thankfully, I was able to find and order a new computer, but now I just have to wait. Earlier, I couldn’t get an internet connection for about an hour; tomorrow, who knows what other problems it’ll give me.

Then I started to think about all the technology around us today. There’s always something new. A couple months ago I bought a Kindle, a few weeks ago, Amazon came out with the new model and I, of course, had to have it. And so it’s been pre-ordered. I’m sure in the next few months I’ll get bored with my tablet and want a new one. It’s like an obsession I can’t stop. My favorite stores are electronic stores (and the grocery store) and I have no problem spending my money on electronics but I will hesitate on buying things such as clothes–they don’t really mean much to me.

And all this, just because my laptop decided to have a fart. I suppose instead of getting pissed off that yet another one of my laptops is giving up on me, I should thank it for giving me something to write about!

Anti-social Bliss

Ah yes, anti-social bliss. One of the things I cherish so much in my life: the lack of people around me.

It may sound strange to many (0r some) people, but, I really don’t like people. Something about crowds freaks me out, and when I am around people, I don’t tend to feel anything really. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sociable when I’m around people but after some time, it’s just enough and I need alone time.

Sometimes when I’m around people and they start to talk, all I can think is, “Are you really that stupid?” No, I’m not saying that I’m better or smarter than everyone else, because I’m not. But when someone speaks like this: “Ummm, like, well, like I don’t know. I mean, like, I liked the article but like, have you ever thought about how it’s like, you know, overseas?”


I suppose that’s what I guess for living around a college campus. One would think since these people are in college they would be a little better spoken–wishful thinking I guess.

Is it really that hard to have a decent conversation with a well educated person who can say one sentence without the word “like”?

And then they all wonder why I stay locked up in my apartment. Can you really blame me?

E-mail Language

Lol! Omg! Wtf!

I don’t know, you’re making the statement…

I don’t know like you know? Like I’m not sure!
Obviously you don’t know and you’re not sure.

You can’t laugh any louder!

ooohhhh hahahahahaha i don’t know if i can do thatttttt!
You might want to try less h’s, o’s and t’s and more capitalization and grammar rules.

What the hell happened to regular English?
Since when was it ever o.k to write this way?

Anton Chekhov would be appalled.


Have you ever noticed how in today’s society nobody really does one thing at a time?

You sit at your computer to do work, you end up with Facebook, Twitter, your multiple e-mails, news websites, perhaps some games and multiple documents open. Furthermore, if you’re like me, you also have a few books open and scattered around your desk, your kindle up and running, your other laptop running, your tablet PC and multiple personal journals open. Oh and don’t forget to add the multiple pens and pencils and in the small spot that’s left on my desk, one of my cats decide to use as a bed.

Sometimes I wonder how I ever get work done in this mess and cleaning it up is pointless. It’ll just go back to being a mess the next day. I have found though that when everything is just an arms reach away, I function a lot better. All the information I could ever need is right there infront of me and when my ADD kicks in, there’s something there to feed it.

O.K. my doctor did say I don’t have ADD but I’m pretty sure she’s wrong…how can I not be? I can never do one thing for more than half an hour, I end up absolutely having to pick up a book or turn my TV on.

But, it seems I’m not the only one who’s like this. My fellow peers and professors have confessed to their ADD as well and their inability to do only one thing at a time. At one point society used to say that men can’t multitask.

Well society, how do you feel now?

When There’s Nothing To Say

My greatest fear about starting a blog (and this fear has been present for years) is having absolutely nothing to say.

Not one word, not even a syllable.

What the heck would I do then? Just procrastinate and hope that the light bulb finally goes off–weeks later? By that time, any readers my blog would’ve attracted would have most likely moved on and then I would just give up.

I’ve realized though, the great thing about a blog is that even ranting about not having anything to say, is a blog post!

I mean seriously, have you ever thought about it?

The beautiful thing about being a writer is that there really is no writers block. At least in my opinion, it doesn’t exist. As a writer there’s always something on your mind and the key is learning how to put it onto paper before it fades away and new thoughts enter your brain. Enter…blog posts.

With today’s technology, you can access your blog from your phone, your PC or even a tablet PC. You’re connected on the go. Your blog can become your electronic journal–one that you can share with the world. This enables your readers to respond, to interact with you and to appreciate the words you present to them.

Very quickly you realize that when you thought you had nothing to say, it turns into a post.

Just like this one.


Living in a Shit Hole

When I came to America in the year 2009, I thought my American neighbors could do no wrong. I came here with the American Dream in mind, with ambition, determination and resources to start a new life.

I came to America to further my education and one of the first things I needed was an apartment to live in.  I found one a few blocks from campus, it wasn’t much, but it had to do. I was so caught up in my studies that a cardboard box would’ve been the Ritz at that time.

As time passed by, my apartment began to fall apart. My kitchen tiles blackened, the stains on my walls darkened and I figured it was time to ask for some repairs. After speaking to my landlord, she approved the repairs. A few weeks after the initial conversation she stated, “It’s not my problem” and that I should “E-mail the real estate office with all repair requests”. I thought “great” at least the real estate office will be a bit more honest.

After speaking with the property manager, she requested I send pictures of the damages along with a letter to the real estate office. A week later, I heard nothing back, two weeks later, I called her again. She told me she never received a letter and I thought, “great, ink and paper gone to waste” she then came up with the bright idea of sending an e-mail with my request and pictures. I noted down her e-mail address and had her verify it. A week passed and I heard nothing so I called back and she said she never got an e-mail. I sat at my computer and had her verify her email again while checking my sent box. Sure enough, it had sent to the correct address. Nevertheless, I sent the e-mail again after hanging up.

A week passed, no response. I meditated, calmed myself down and thought maybe the internet was hating on me. I decided to make a sandwich–food comforted me. As I reached for a plastic bag from a Wrap Rack that I had drilled into my kitchen wall. The rack fell, missing my cats head by an inch.

In moments I went into my typical rage. I couldn’t see or hear anything all I knew was I had a hammer and I was going to use it. I began smashing things off the wall in my kitchen. My cats cowered in the corner and watched. When my temper died down, and my kitchen was a mess. I announced to my girlfriend I was tired of living in a shit hole and that I was moving.

And so my quest begins to find a place to live. I was foolish and naive to think that perhaps no one could do me wrong in America–I was holding onto a fairytale that didn’t exist–at least not anymore.

Now I’m older, wiser and my living choices will be much smarter.

Living in a shit hole has taught me a few things though–one of which being that I shouldn’t put my faith and trust my neighbors just because they’re American.

Scientia Ops

Knowledge is Power.

Knowledge does not only come from books. Knowledge comes from everything around us–it is present in our surroundings. Only those who are open to their surroundings will absorb all the hidden clues that the world has to offer.

This blog seeks to explore all types of knowledge: everything from book knowledge to culture knowledge and maybe even a little food knowledge.

I am writer–and with pen in hand, I seek to explore my world and all the knowledge I can gain. As a writer, I have no limits and my mind wanders constantly. Therefore, this blog has no limits.

I welcome all comments and criticisms, because once again, I will gain knowledge from other people’s thoughts.



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