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2012: The Apocalypse is Coming!

Apparently, the apocalypse is coming. If this were true, I’d be extremely pissed off because well, I haven’t gotten a chance to do anything I want to, before I die!

Now I don’t believe the apocalypse is coming mainly because people have said before that it’s coming and it never had–this isn’t any different. However, other people have really gone over the top. This one couple on TV explained that they had moved from Arizona to the middle of nowhere in the Midwest so they’re not surrounded by anyone or anything. Furthermore, they make their little children carry around a survival kit–even to school! And these packs did not look small or light either! I thought it was complete torture, what’s worse, is they actually told their older kids that the end of the world is coming. But bless their hearts, they haven’t informed their younger children of what’s going on because apparently kids can’t put two and two together.

And what a depressing life these people must lead to actually keep count of how many days left till the end of the world. It’s like someone sitting in a jail cell etching the days away on the wall till they are executed. What kind of life is that to lead? And to drag children into it!

They’ve said the world is going to end before, why is this time any different? People just need to take it easy and enjoy their lives. You won’t ever know when you die, you could be drinking water and choke and die. It can happen anytime, anywhere and waiting for it will only depress you and make you angry.


Enjoy life!

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