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Electronic or paper?

I bought the Kindle keyboard a few months after it came out- I couldn’t help myself. The idea of being able to read more than one book at a time without carrying the weight of multiple books seemed like a dream. But with the Kindle, I could carry thousands of books without the burden of the weight of paper.

A month ago, I ordered the new Kindle Touch–again, I couldn’t help myself. It finally shipped and arrived yesterday and I have to say, it’s more incredible than I thought. It’s slim, smart looking, very portable, lightweight and the touch interface is just amazing. But sometimes, I just can’t help but wonder if it would’ve been better off without all the e-readers.

I had always dreamed of dedicating a single room in my house to book–a library! A large wooden table in the center surrounded by hundreds, maybe thousands of books on shelves. The shelves would be as high as the wall–so high I would need a ladder to grab a book from the highest shelf.

As much as I fantasized about this library, I have to consider all the trees that are being destroyed to create books and so once again the idea of an electronic reader seems more sustainable.

As a student, I quickly also noticed that even our assignments are computer based–nothing is ever hand written anymore. So while I may want love paper books and notebooks, it seems as if everything else is moving ahead–into the future and I must learn to adapt.

My only hope is that technology doesn’t mean forward to fast to the point where we all just can’t keep up and fall behind.

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