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He sat by his window, staring at the screen, watching the rain drops collect almost like tears. He wondered if the sky was crying–perhaps he had something to do with it. He had been anything but good lately. He opened up his wind and poked at the screen. The tears went away.

“The sky has forgiven me”, he thought to himself.

He looked out his window and saw people running up and down the sidewalk, umbrella’s in hand. He looked over to the empty lot and grinned.

“I’m the only one that knows”, he said outloud.

He thought back to the day when he had been walking down the sidewalk and passed that very same lot, now wet and muddy. He had since a girl–a woman perhaps. She was on her cellphone with her back turned to him and he couldn’t help but walk up to her.

Excuse me”, he had said and she turned to look at him.

“What?”, she replied bluntly.

He grinned again, darkly, sadistically.

“You dropped something,” he said while pointing at the ground but never looking down.

And as he watched her shift her gaze from the scar on his face to the ground, he pulled the knife from his pocket and drove it into her chest.

“You’re so sweet,” he said as she fell into his arms, blood pouring out her mouth and chest.

It was dark. He knew it was time. And as he carried her body to the far corner of the lot, he knew he didn’t have to look around because no one would be there. No one ever was.

He began to dig. One foot, two feet, three feet…six feet…15 feet–it was enough now. He threw the body into the pit and tossed the dirt ontop.

By tomorrow, it would be as if this never happened.

By tomorrow, he will stand at his window again, waiting, watching.

By tomorrow, he will know who his next victim is.

And by tomorrow, not even the sky could cry enough for him.

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