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They said it would snow. I said, “No way in hell”. It’s October for crying out loud, since when does it snow on the East Coast in October?
While at work on Saturday afternoon, I turned to the large windows only to see snow falling from the sky. For a while I was shocked. I love snow, but the other part of me was thinking, “Damn it, I’m in sneakers!”. My co-workers were in shock because they too were thinking there was no way it would snow. As always, people starting blaming Global Warming but many others said Global Warming was crap and it was just a cold front passing through. But is that really what it is? A cold front that brought snow into the region in October? Or is it really Global Warming that’s causing this? I’m not going to claim I have enough knowledge about Global Warming, but it is a bit of a shock that it snowed yesterday–and snow is still piled up in some areas today! But if snow came this early this year, does this mean winter is going to be longer and much colder? Or is it just a cold front that’s passing through and everything will go back to normal? Not even the weather people have many answers for us, they’re just as much in shock as we are.
But the answers will come–we just have to wait, observe and make conclusions for ourselves.

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