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24 Hours

I’m 100% sure that I’m not the only person who has once wished there were more than 24 hours in a day. I have a horrible sense of time, but I’ve always noticed how quickly the day ends. Despite how much I do in one day, it just never seems enough and it’s not because I’m not doing things fast enough, it’s because time catches up with me.
Just think, if there were more hours in a day, you could work more (hence, make more money), you could watch TV longer, you could dine out longer too, you could also read for a longer time and just do the activities you love without feeling like you’re on a schedule! I know it’s all wishful thinking, but it would be pretty amazing to have more time to do the things that I love. Especially since I’m working a lot more as well as keeping up with my University studies, I would love nothing more than to have more time to spend it with the one person that means everything to me–my beautiful girlfriend. Despite her endless support and patience with me and my schedule I know she would love more hours in a day.
But, time is what it is, it can’t be changed or altered, it can’t be deceived either. The day ends faster than you can realize and then you wonder where all the time’s passed.

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