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Curriculum or Reality?

I posted a comment on a blog a few minutes ago that really got me thinking. The blogger was talking about the rules of English that you were taught in High School that aren’t completely true.

I am studying to be an English teacher and sometimes I wonder whether I’ll have to teach something I don’t agree with simply because of the schools curriculum. To me, it’s as if I’d be lying to my students–I’m giving them false information that won’t apply to higher education or their future jobs. Basically, what I’d teach them would be useless and I’d be setting them up to fail. Why on earth would I do that to my very own students?

This is where curriculum comes in. Though there is a freedom to teach in America, just as there are many other freedoms, there will always be a ‘catch’ which may or may not take you a while to figure out. Here’s an example; You have freedom of speech yet you can’t always say what you want. You’re not going to tell someone the brutal truth. Why? Because it’s rude, because it will ruin a friendship and because you’ll be seen as heartless. Likewise, if you’re an anti-religion person, you most likely will not walk up to a religious person and tell them their God is fake, that they’re wasting their time and that they will most like just rot when buried and not go to heaven like they predict. You’d never, ever, say that to a religious person’s face. But why not? You have freedom of speech don’t you?

Same issue goes for teaching. I know there will be things I can’t teach. I know that sometimes, I will want to just tell my students the facts. Yes, you can start a sentence with “and” or “but”. No, all essay’s don’t have to be five paragraphs. Yes, you’re allowed to express your opinion in an essay because what you think matters. Because your thoughts are important. The sad part is, as much as I’d love to tell it to my students like it really is, there is a curriculm and whether I like it or not, I have to follow it if I want to keep a job.

So in reality, the freedom’s that we cherish aren’t really freedom’s. And as a teacher, I won’t have the freedom to teach openly. No. Instead, I will have to follow a curriculum that has been written and approved by the school board who feel like the students should only learn what matters to high school–not College and beyond.

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